Friday, July 8, 2011

[LAKE SEBU] Superman of the Jungle

Lake Sebu wasn't really part of my South Cotabato itinerary because I thought it was part of another province. The trip is three hours from Gen San. Just tell a tricycle driver to bring you to the bus terminal and then take a bus going to Marbel in Koronadal. There are several buses available, some with stops, some without. Reserve an hour for this in your itinerary. The Marbel - Surallah route comes next, still by bus and around 30 minutes. You won't get lost because Marbel and Surallah both serve as the terminus of their respective routes.

Once in Surallah, take the van to Lake Sebu. Going to the zipline and not to the lake itself means getting off at an earlier stop after passing by a smaller lake, the name of which I already forgot. There are several Habal-Habal you can rent by the entrance going up to the area. The fare is 20 pesos. You can negotiate with the driver if you want to pay him round trip.

You pay a 20-peso entrance fee and 300 for the two-zipline weekend package (250 on weekdays). There is a souvenir store right next to the entrance where you can buy sandos and t-shirts with various Been to Lake Sebu/Conquered the Zipline! messages. Bragging rights! Waterfall #1 cannot be seen while on the first zipline. You have to walk past the first zipline station which requires a short trek and there is a bridge there where you can take photos with the waterfall serving as the background. Only waterfalls #2 and #5 are visible whilst on either zipline. There are a total of seven plus Lake Sebu itself.

It was my first time to ride a zipline in Superman position and I definitely had a lot of fun! The speed is just right in that it gives you ample time to enjoy the view but it does not compromise the thrill factor either. It is the best of both worlds! I really felt like I was flying a la Superman. It was also the first time that I saw waterfalls from such a high vantage point. I really felt like I was in Middle-Earth. Maybe next time they could offer bungy jumping too! Or a special zipline that sends you flying off for real, with a parachute of course, HAHAHA. The second zipline is shorter and recycles the view of the two waterfalls already seen earlier. What happens is you land near one of them and you can take a photo in a hut in front of it.

As mentioned, not all of the waterfalls are concentrated there. You'll have to rent a Habal-Habal and probably do some more trekking to reach them. Ironically, I skipped the lake itself because I was in a hurry to get back to GenSan to visit yet another adventure park: 5th Mountain Balakayo. Looking back, I wish I also visited the lake. It wouldn't have taken long to get there, not to mention a lot of people are raving about how beautiful and peaceful the place is. Oh well, I was there for the adventure anyway. Maybe next time I would.

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