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Josh (Patrick Wilson) and Renai (Rose Byrne) have just moved in with their three kids to their new home. Soon after, she starts noticing some strange happenings in the house which take a quick turn to the supernatural. One night, the eldest son Dalton wanders into the attic and falls off a ladder trying to turn the light on. As he looks behind him, he sees something which makes him scream in terror. His father tucks him into bed that night and the next day, he no longer wakes up.

The movie would probably start to get corny once the concept of astral projection is introduced, especially for some people who are not big fans of the paranormal. However, if you decide to just go along, this movie actually offers a lot of thrills. The otherworldly entities stand out because they are not the usual ghosts that overdo their business of being scary. Here, they are just plain freaky. And yes, creepy too. Their screen exposure is minimal and that is why the scare they generate when they appear seems to be more effective.

The entire movie is shot using dim lighting which makes it a bit hard to watch, although it does successfully set a grim atmosphere just apt for the movie’s theme. The sound effects and score are maximized to full potential but not as much as to appear abused in any way. The movie does rely on visual effects to render a scare but not as much as enticing the audience to use their imagination and give themselves a fright. In fact, a lot of people are comparing this to Paranormal Activity. I have not seen that movie but what I do know is that a lot of people who saw that actually got scared AFTER seeing it. This movie is almost the same. It lurks in your subconscious for a while that you might not be able to sleep that night, or have difficulties looking at the mirror.

I find the ending quite tragic. Do not get me wrong, I love tragedy. It is just that in this case of man versus supernatural, I think I would have to side with my own kind, right? HAHA. Anyway, I think it did get me because I wasnot able to sleep that well the night I watched it but at least there were no ghostly apparitions, LOL. I did dream about something similar though. At least I woke up.

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