Friday, July 29, 2011

The Three I Missed Most About KL

Kuala Lumpur was not really part of my East Asia itinerary. My Southeast Asian getaway is not set until next month. This is one of the consequences of canceling my German language course in Heidelberg. I was planning to get to Paris via Air Asia X, which offers the cheapest fares to Western Europe from Southeast Asia. That is why I booked a Manila - Kuala Lumpur flight in advance despite not being that cheap based on fares on sale standards. Since I canceled my European plans and already got my refund for the tuition, I chose to just buy a return flight ticket to Manila so as to not waste the ticket. I am no stranger to KL, although it is my first time alone as a tourist. My parents are in Sarawak, but still, KL feels like home. It is probably the thought of living in one country despite being separated by the South China Sea. And since technically, they are not in KL, they are not included on this list. And I think missing them is already a given.

Auntie Anne’s Dutch Ice Strawberry
If we have this in the Philippines and I just missed it, tell me which branch and I would go there just to drink this. Just like oranges, I like strawberry juice and candies, but you would not be able to force me to eat the fruits themselves. It is weird like that. There is a local brand before selling orange, grape, and strawberry flavors but I no longer see them in groceries. I forgot the brand name but my mother uses those to make snow cone. That is the closest thing to this. I tasted a similar drink at SM Makati and I think I could settle for that but Auntie Anne’s Dutch Ice is really the one that caught the attention of my taste buds. They go gaga over this drink. I already had one yesterday and since I am going back to Suria again tonight to watch Captain America, I will definitely have one again!

KFC’s Cheesy Wedges
I love potatoes. I always order French Fries whether it is McDonalds, KFC, or what have you. Here they have these wedges with mayonnaise and cheese. I think it is cheddar and I think it does the trick. I could eat around two orders of these in a normal meal. What I noticed yesterday though was that the serving seemed to have been lessened! We do not have this in the Philippines, although the fries that they serve back home are of the same taste, albeit smaller. Well, they are fries after all, not wedges. This is not exclusive to KL, I have been to many KFCs in this country and I always get to order one.

I had to pay them a visit of course. If you are a language enthusiast and a sucker for British and American publications such as the Teach Yourself Series, Routledge Grammars, and the Colloquial series, then you would find Kinokuniya’s foreign language collection very impressive. They have around three back to back shelves for foreign languages alone and you could find books for rare languages like Xhosa and Zulu, or Welsh. I would really go bankrupt in this bookstore. The good thing is that I was able to control myself and actually buy nothing. Total success story. It is just that, books have been sort of holding me back lately. My fascination with books is just strange and I always tend to come out with a plastic bag whenever I visit bookstores. However, I think I also need to develop my other language skills such as listening and speaking. Books could not do that. I guess I will just shop here again when it is time to learn a new language from scratch. Until then, I will just stick with my favorite podcast.

So there. I will be staying here until Tuesday next week and I would take advantage of that time to enjoy these three, especially Kinokuniya. I will be back in Malaysia many times in the next few months anyway, on the other side, so I would still have access to KFC and Auntie Anne’s but Kinokuniya only has one branch and that is in KL. I guess I will be sifting through their European History collection later. =)

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