Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2


Of course fans of the book would nit-pick a lot. The thing about me is I forget the minute details of the story as soon as I put down the book. What remains is just the gist, thus, I enjoy the movie no matter what unless it is pure trash, and I guess this one is not. The director is able to make do of what he is given. The division of the movie in two helps a lot, although some parts of this one still seem rushed in terms of execution and build-up.

Sympathy for Professor Snape! This is why there really are no villains in this world, just a lot of misunderstood individuals! Anyway, if you have read the book you would have seen this coming, but Alan Rickman is just so bloody brilliant in his flashback scenes that you really end up rooting for Snape after that one. Damn, it is true love! And you see a different side him that you actually care about, given that in the past seven movies you actually feel nothing for him aside from annoyance and the need to shampoo his hair. Bravo, Alan Rickman. Bravo.

Dame Maggie Smith! I love Professor McGonagall and her duel moment with Snape. When she stepped in to shield Potter, I rejoiced, HAHAHA. It is just good to see them stand up for each other. Mommy Weasley’s Not my daughter, you bitch! moment is also powerful but felt a bit rushed. I would have wanted to see more of her in the movie. And then you have Helena Bonham Carter playing Hermione playing Bellatrix. Awesome! Her death scene as Bellatrix is so anti-climactic though, like, that was it?

I have not seen any of the cast interviews regarding their sentiments about the film franchise ending. Nonetheless, I really feel for them, especially for the trio. In fact, not just for them but the entire cast who have been there since movie one. It has been a decade since the first movie came out. When Deathly Hallows the book came out the fans managed to cope somehow because of the existence of the movie. Now that the movie has ended we all know that this is it, unless Rowling decides to make a follow-up, which might be greeted with doubt but would obviously be welcomed by fans. The journey does not have to end, though. Books could be reread and movies could be watched again. The saga lives on. But still, I could not help but feel a little down. This ending is just symbolic because it symbolizes the end of my teenage years, since high school for me has been accompanied by Harry Potter.

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