Wednesday, July 13, 2011

[CAGAYAN DE ORO] Jatico Adventure Park

This adventure park is relatively new and is actually within the borders of Cagayan de Oro, as opposed to Dahilayan Adventure Park which everyone thinks is a CdO attraction when in fact it belongs to the neighboring province. Back on topic, the trip to this adventure park is an adventure in itself and a costly one at that. I guess this is the downside of being an adventure park fan wannabe. They have to take advantage of heights, resulting in a difficult and expensive trip up.

You need to drive past the airport to get to this place. Yes, that is how far away it seems from civilization. My suggestion is to go there directly once you deplane at Lumbia. There will be taxi drivers outside the airport willing to use their meters. This way, you'll be cutting much of the travel time and probably get charged less. There are jeepneys plying the Lumbia route and I think they end at SM or Xavier. I am not sure and I have never been to SM CdO. Still, you will have to take a cab going uphill once you reach the airport.

All in all, the taxi driver asked for 800, which was 200 pesos more than originally agreed. He did let his meter run while waiting for me and he said he would be at a loss if we stuck with the 600-peso price originally agreed upon. I tried to haggle for 700. We ended up with 750. Don’t ask. I'm here so you won't have to repeat my mistakes. My not so very affordable mistakes.

It turns out that they have a van that can pick you up anywhere downtown and bring you to their park and back for a hundred pesos. Okay. You know that thing with numbers, a cord, and a receiver? It is called a phone. Try using it sometimes. Well, there is no use crying over spilled milk. Or pesos, in this case.

Their zip-line is a five-course zipline. One station serves as the beginning of one and the end of another. Of the five, only the third one seems to pack in some serious speed which translates to thrill. The dry zorb that rolls downhill is not yet done so you'll have to settle for the one on the kiddie pool. I was annoyed by it but it was my first time in that thing and it was quite challenging, despite my repeated cries that it was not. Denial. I think it was the Bungy Trampoline that gave me a nausea-inducing headache. Coming in last, it was characterized by a series of back flips, some of which were concluded with pain. I was dead tired and drenched in sweat when it was all over. Fun, and the view is wow.

The entrance fee is 40 pesos and that comes with a free bottle of water. They have two packages. Package A is 600 pesos for the zipline (all five courses) and an additional ride. Package B is an all-ride package but since the Big Swing is not yet in operation they are offering an alternative for 1,500 pesos which includes the ATV ride. The Bungy Trampoline is 250 and the Zorb is 220.

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Anonymous said...

sounds nice...may be i will try this

Unknown said...

where can we ride the van from downtown??

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