Monday, July 4, 2011

My Cebu Pacific Flight to China

I rushed to the airport and arrived precisely an hour before my trip. The queue was not that long and I immediately got the chance to present my passport and printed e-ticket to the woman at the counter. It took quite a while and I realized she was looking intently at my passport. Is there something wrong? I asked. You can't board this plane yet, she replied. I asked her why. She told me that I had to do a task for a certain Mr. Wong first at a Chinese temple in Binondo. What the fvck? What is this, a freaking episode of the Amazing Race? For some reason, I obliged.

I did not know how I even got to the temple. All I knew was that I was so tired and out of breath. Everything was a blur, just like that scene in that Insidious movie when Josh went into The Further. Mr. Wong was but a shadow. He specifically instructed me that the table must be at the center of the room and that the vase must be placed exactly on the table's center. He then handed me a notarized slip of paper that I must present at the check-in counter.

The next thing I knew was that I was already back at the airport and it was 8:40. My flight was scheduled to take off at 9:20. The 45-minute leeway had obviously been lost. That was when I realized, what the heck? I barged into the check-in counter despite the long line. I approached the woman seated by a table next to the check-in counter area. She was wearing a maroon collar shirt. I informed her about my dilemma and how stupid it all was, but I must get in that plane.

She asked for my passport and flipped through the pages searching for the Chinese visa. When she found it, she tore the page. Your visa is fake and the page is torn. You are NOT going to China. NEXT! she shouted. What the hell?! You tore it a few seconds ago! The people around me were indifferent. She then folded the passport and stretched it with both hands that it was then wider than it should be. She tossed it back to me. I checked the pages and saw the damage she had done. Aside from the torn page of the Chinese visa, the Japanese and Portuguese ones were no longer legible, as if they had been pixelized because of the stretching.

I wanted to axe-kick the bitch but there were two security personnel next to her. The anger was uncontainable and I felt like exploding. I then vowed to write about the bad experience in my blog. I could still feel the intensity of my words: Wait until this goes online in my blog, Cebu Pacific. Just you wait! And so I wrote about it.

Anyway, this dream was freaky and when I woke up I still had those lingering thoughts that my visas that required a lot of documents to obtain have been compromised. I just wish that this is not a message from the universe warning me that one of my future trips would be ruined by power-tripping crocodiles at the airport. I do not have a Portuguese visa, by the way. Who does? LOL. I think they give a Schengen visa for that unless you are applying to be a resident.

What contributed to this nightmare is probably the fact that my Cebu Pacific flight from GenSan today was at 9:30, and that I just saw Insidious yesterday. That film was whack and the dream was probably what I got instead of an apparition from the old woman in my hotel room mirror the other night. Fair enough, nightmares I could handle. Let us leave the creepy old women in black veils to more courageous individuals.

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flights to manila said...

I am appalled by the scenario that you had described. That was rude and they should be liable to charges.

ihcahieh said...

@flights to manila - this was just a dream...

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