Sunday, May 4, 2014

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 4/Episode 5

4.5 First of His Name
Tommen gets his turn to sit on the Iron Throne. Cersei is more amicable with Margaery this time around, acknowledging that his son needs all the help he can get. Tywin admits that they are bankrupt, owing a mountain of debt to the Iron Bank of Braavos, an admission that they need the Tyrells to survive. Word of Joffrey’s death reaches Daenerys. She contemplates on attacking King’s Landing, but decides to strengthen her hold of Essos first after hearing what happened in Astapor and Yunkai. Petyr and Sansa reach Lysa Arryn’s domain where she hides under the pseudonym Elaine, as a safeguard. Brienne learns to be friendly with Podrick despite his inexperience. Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch attack Craster’s Keep, but Roose Bolton’s inside man gets hold of Bran before he does. He uses his Warg abilities to control Hodor and kill the guy. He calls his brother, but decides not to be seen as this means he’d lose the opportunity to go north to find the Three-Eyed Raven.

Kudos, Dragon Mama. It’s awesome to see her evolve, from her brother’s doormat all the way to what she is now, considering every move instead of acting irrationally. It would be oh so nice to see her and her dragons wreak havoc in Westeros, what with all the drama happening there now. Patience, though. The right time will come. Oh crap, Little Dove. What bad luck do you have? It’s good to see her find solace in the company of a close relative, but we all know that Lady Stark’s sister is cuckoo AF. She’s like Queen Bitch a decade from now if and when she succumbs to insanity. And seeing that her throne room has this trapdoor thingy, it’s just so freaky what she could do to you if she suddenly has a schizo attack. Can we give Little Dove a break? It’s like she’s been trading one jail cell for another since she left the north. As for Jon and Bran not crossing paths, it is sad indeed, but it is just one way of saying that we all have a purpose to fulfill, obviously for the better good. I can’t wait to see these Stark children reunited. Tears.

“What good is power if you couldn’t protect the ones you love?” –Cersei Lannister

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