Sunday, April 27, 2014

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 4/Episode 4

4.4 Oathkeeper
Daenerys frees the slaves of Meereen and crucifies their masters. Jaime continues training with Bronn, who tells him that he’s convinced Tyrion didn’t murder Joffrey. He visits his brother in his cell and comes to the same conclusion that he didn’t do it. He keeps his oath to Catelyn Stark, entrusts his Valyrian steel sword to Brienne, and asks her to find and protect Sansa. He sends Podrick with her as her squire despite her reluctance, saving his life. Petyr accuses Sansa of poisoning the king, and then drops hints that he was involved. Olenna Tyrell indirectly admits to Margaery that she is responsible for poisoning Joffrey, and then advises her to act quickly before Cersei can turn Tommen against her. She sneaks into his room later that night to gain his trust. The acting commander of the Night’s Watch keeps making Jon Snow’s life difficult at Castle Black and recognizes him as a valid threat to his position. He sends him to Craster’s Keep, where Bran and company have just ended up being captured by the mutineers.

Aww, Lannister bros. Queen Bitch has a rather complicated relationship with her siblings, but these bros have something more of a concrete bond. When Bronnie tells Prince Charming that he was Gimli’s first choice to defend him when he was on trial at Lysa Arryn’s domain because he knew that he would ride day and night just to rescue his little bro, you just know that their brotherhood is legit. Anyway, Prince Charming owns this episode. Like I always say, for the first few seasons all we ever see is his warrior side, that one obsessed with duty. But ever since he had his hand chopped off, his other side has surfaced to be tangible enough, and it’s a good thing because he is not a one-dimensional character anymore. In other news, the zombies make a rare appearance and give us a peek at their mundane daily activities, like turning babies into one of them, for instance. All this war for the Iron Throne is getting old. I think I’m all set for a Game of Thrones/The Walking Dead crossover. Let winter come!

“A man with no motive is a man no one suspects. Always keep your fools confused. If they don’t know who you are or what you want, they can’t know what you plan to do next.” –Petyr Baelish

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