Wednesday, May 28, 2014

厦大: 我的老挝的同屋

你们好。昨天你们认识了我的同屋。叫Danvir呢,但是以前他不是我的同屋。上个学期我的同屋是老挝来的。他很年轻,很干净。其实他很喜欢打扫,”mop” (拖地)。他很干净,但是跟我住,我觉得就是一件大的问题因为我有工作。我上网工作。所以呢,我的工作时间很奇怪。有时我应该3点还是4点起床。因此我的闹钟向的时候他也应该起床了。也许他受不了了。一天他告诉我,“我要搬到” 所以呢他搬到5层。Danvir呢?Danvir到厦门这个学期,所以呢,我一个人住在这里12个月 (他到以前)

Hello! You already met my roommate yesterday. His name is Danvir, but he was not my roommate before. Last semester, my roommate was from Laos. He was young, very clean. Actually, he liked sweeping and mopping the floor. He was very clean, but living with me, I think, is a big problem because I have a job. I work online. And so, my work schedule is weird. Sometimes I have to wake up at 3 or 4 o’clock. And so when my alarm clock rang he also had to wake up. Maybe he could not stand it anymore. One day he told me that he was moving out; he moved to the fifth floor. What about Danvir? Danvir arrived in Xiamen thus semester, and so I was living alone here for 1 or 2 months (before he arrived).

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