Saturday, May 31, 2014

厦大: 骑自行车去上课

天天我骑自行车去上课. 不过今天你们跟我去上课. 这个是翔安的学区. 就在厦门,不过。。。 有两个厦门大学的学区. 一个在思明,一个在翔安. 你们去过厦门的话,你们应该知道厦门大学的思明的学区()非常有名(的). 其实是(可能)厦门最有名的地方. (在)旁边在南普陀前面有一个beach, 但是这个地方不太有名. 另外离思明的学区特别远. 坐公共汽车差不多一半个小时. (离)我的宿舍离教室走路的话二十个小时. 骑自行车是是分钟. 走路的话不是二十个小时. 二十分钟. 不过我们快到了,不到五分钟. 我不太喜欢骑自行车. 所以呢,一半我骑自行车到这里十分钟的以后. 今天我骑的快一点儿. 那是海外。。。怎么说? 海外。。。Overseas Education College. 以前骑自行车的人在这里停止. 不过现在不能. 我们应该在呢边停止. 早安. 我们到了. 这是很重要在这里有很多的小偷. 我们到了. 下个星期我让你们看看我们的课:汉语课,听力课,口语课. 现在我去上课. 再见!

I ride a bicycle to class everyday but today you will be going to class with me. This is Xiang'An campus. It is in Xiamen, but... There are two Xiamen University campuses. One is in Siming, one is in Xiang'An. If you've been to Xiamen, you should know. XiaDa's Siming campus is very popular. Actually it could just be Xiamen's most famous. Nanputuo is just beside it, there's also a beach. But this place is not that popular. In addition, it's far from Siming campus. Around an hour and a half, riding a bus. My dorm is around 20 hours away from the classroom, if we walk. By bike it's ten minutes. If you walk, it's not 20 hours. 20 minutes! But we're almost there, did not reach 20 minutes! I don't like biking that much, and so normally, it takes me 10 minutes to arrive here. Today was a bit faster. That's Haiwai... How to say... Overseas Education College. Before, those who had bikes parked here but now they could not. We have to park there. Morning! We have arrived. This is important. There are many thieves here. We have arrived. Next week I'll let you see our class, Mandarin, Listening, Oral. I'm going to class now. See ya!

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