Sunday, May 18, 2014

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 4/Episode 7

4.7 Mockingbird
Tyrion counts on Jaime to be his champion, but he declines knowing he can’t fight with only his left hand. Bron has already been bribed by Cersei, and reveals that she has selected the Mountain as her champion. Brienne and Podrick meet Hot Pie and he tells them that Arya is alive and is with the Hound. Arya crosses out another name on her kill list. Jon Snow is still not getting any slack at Castle Black despite what he’s done so far. Daario and Daenerys spend the night together. She then sends him and the sell swords to Yunkai to kill all the masters and reconquer the city, but Ser Jorah changes her mind. Oberyn visits Tyrion and volunteers to be his champion. Sansa hits her cousin after he ruins her snow castle. Petyr tells her that he participated in Joffrey’s murder to avenge her mother, Cate. He then kisses her, long enough for her Aunt Lysa to see. She summons her to the moon door and threatens to send her flying to the rocky mountains below. Petyr arrives just in time to calm her down, before pushing her to her death.

Aaw, big bro and lil’ bro bonding moments. I think it’s about time we call him by his real name. Tyrion always gets me sad, even more so now that he is showing a lot of humanity. You just end up pitying the guy. That story DPwaA told him about being there when he was born and how Cersei wanted him dead from that very moment is just heartbreaking. Having to live your whole life with that belief that no one wants you ever? Well, even more so. I like how that entire scene played out, this sudden alliance between two people who are not really friendly with one another to begin with, but whose objectives just managed to align by some twist of fate. When DPwaA tells him that he’ll be his champion. Wow, shining moment right there. Go for it, boys. Give ‘em hell. Don’t get me wrong, I love Queen B no matter what, but watching a checkmate is boring. Give us a good fight. As for Lady Stark’s sister going skydiving, I couldn’t care less. Too bad her equally cuckoo son wasn’t there to join her. And that scene was sooooo predictable, BTW.

“Nothing is better or worse than anything. Nothing is just nothing.” –Arya Stark

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