Sunday, May 11, 2014

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 4/Episode 6

4.6 The Laws of God and Men
Stannis and Ser Davos sail to Braavos to get a loan from the Iron Bank, but they are almost declined. Yarra attacks the North to rescue her brother, Theon, but instead finds a madman who calls himself Reek. A battle ensues and they flee, leaving her brother behind and declaring him dead. Daenerys finds it hard to tame her dragons, and realizes that not everyone she crucified might have been guilty after all. Oberyn sits at the Small Council and participates in the discussion regarding the growing Targaryen threat across the sea. Tyrion stands trial for regicide, and the involvement of Sansa’s necklace as a tool for the poisoning is confirmed. Jaime defends Tyrion’s case with their father, who tells him that he intends to spare his life and send him to the serve the Night’s Watch if he pleads for mercy. However, Shae testifying against him impedes this plan. Tyrion ends up lashing out on everyone and demands trial by combat, for he believes that justice will never be served in such a one-sided court.

DAMN, Gimli. I feel you, dude. You know how you get all the BS just because of the preconceived notions everyone has about you? It was so cathartic watching him explode, but how he still managed to use his brains is really impressive. After everything he’s done for those ingrates he saved during the Battle of Blackwater! I’d gladly join you in poisoning all of those ungrateful bastards, dude. BTW, I’ve just realized that Stanny B annoys me a great deal. He’s so reliant on Jean Grey and everyone else. His personality is so boring. He doesn’t have the charisma for the job. I hope he dies soon. And deym, Lily Allen’s Brother just upped the Cuckoo Count in Westeros. Maybe that’s one of the side effects when you lose your manhood? Now even his sister has given up on him. That’s just so sad. Anyway, I’m loving DPwaA. That look of disgust on Queen Bitch’s face when he exclaimed about the Unsullied not being that impressive in the bedroom! She be, like, eew, he swings both ways. Me, at least, I’m just my brother’s FUBU. Touché.

“I have been to Essos and seen the Unsullied firsthand. They are very impressive on the battlefield, less so in the bedroom.” –Oberyn Martell

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