Thursday, February 13, 2014

You Who Came from the Stars: Episode 17

별에서 온 그대: 제17회
Hwi-Kyeong delves deeper into his older brother’s affairs and goes as far as to conclude that he was also responsible for their older brother’s death eons ago, which was also declared as a suicide but shows uncanny similarities with that of Han Yoo-Ra in terms of chemicals found in the body as per autopsy reports. He enlists the help of Min-Joon to get his sister-in-law out of the mental hospital and arrange a meeting with her, his older brother, and the prosecutor. Min-Joon and Song-Yi deal with their star-cross lovers’ dilemma differently, with him getting drunk on soju as per lawyer Jang’s prodding and her trying to avoid him even if she really could not. He ends up accidentally causing a Gangnam-wide blackout, while she gives in and agrees to spend the last month he has on Earth meaningfully. After some thinking, though, he tells her at last that he would never ever leave her and that he is here to stay, not admitting the consequences of such action, which could very well include his death.

Perhaps it is because he is an alien and thus has a different perspective, but if you have been with human beings who die every eighty years or so, and have been witnessing it for over four hundred years, then would you not be used to the idea of death being a natural occurrence? Or maybe he really just has one month, but even so, it would be better to just die satisfied with happy memories than spend another 400 years wallowing in regret, right? There are just two weeks left to wrap up, and we are still wondering what the clincher might be. Another thing worthy of mention not just in this episode but for the drama as a whole would be the use of flashback scenes to reveal important details intentionally kept hidden at first for the sake of a dramatic reveal. Anyway, we love Hwi-Kyeong’s clever game plans and how he has become an ally despite having all the reasons to hate on Alien. In any other TV drama, he and his older brother would have been two characters rolled into one. It is a good thing that it does not turn out to be this way.

Expressions of the day
뭔가 잘못했어요 Something went wrong
기다리는거 잘해 I'm good at waiting

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