Wednesday, February 26, 2014

You Who Came from the Stars: Episode 20

별에서 온 그대: 제20회
Min-Joon and Song-Yi return safely to Seoul, ready to face the throng of reporters waiting in front of their apartment. There seems to be no serious repercussions for their actions, though, as he is not even charged for anything in particular. He even becomes some sort of celebrity himself, gaining the admiration of kids and women alike. She, on the other hand, becomes hot property again after getting vindicated from all the Han Yoo-Ra brouhaha. This is all just a temporary relief, though, as the comet which signals the time for his return to his home planet comes closer and closer as he gets weaker and weaker. After successfully getting the approval of her family, they strive to make his last week on Earth meaningful. Song-Yi has asked him to go back to his home planet instead of dying in her arms, a thought which she thinks she could not bear. On his last night on Earth, she gives him a USB containing a video of her dancing to Bruno Mars’ Marry You, ending it with a proposal for them to get married before he goes.

Perhaps to be already expected, the effects of the revelation of his secret have been downplayed once again, and you could not help but notice that the writers tend to do this after every cliffhanger, which seems a bit too convenient for them. You could not hate on them, though, because it is kind of hard to find loopholes, and you are enjoying the show anyway so whatever, right? Nothing much happens in this episode, but it remains to be a memorable one perhaps because the reality of their situation is looming, which coincides with the show’s ending so the loyal viewers feel it too. Withdrawal symptoms! Two scenes that should not be missed are: lawyer Jang’s breakdown scene at the park and Min-Joon’s laughing/crying scene at the epilogue while watching Song-Yi’s proposal video. In any case, this show has been championing one philosophy ever since it started: live for the moment, an advice which a lot of people could actually benefit from if they just sit back and reflect about it a little.

Expressions of the day
포기안했어 I haven't given up
나를의해서 For my sake

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