Thursday, February 20, 2014

You Who Came from the Stars: Episode 19

별에서 온 그대: 제19회
Min-Joon drops Song-Yi off at his apartment and asks her to wait there as he is just going to meet someone for an urgent matter. Finding his diary, she reads his last entry where he confesses that he has chosen to stay on this planet for her even if it could mean his death. The person he is meeting is actually Hwi-Kyeong, who asks for his help to set his brother up. Everything works according to plan, with Hwi-Kyeong almost getting shot. Recorded on CCTV, his brother gets arrested right on the spot. Facing a throng of reporters who have been alerted for the arrest, he then reveals how he has just covertly invited Song-Yi to a restaurant to have her drink her favorite wine laced with fatal poison, which she would be doing right at that very moment. He then dares Min-Joon to choose between saving her and protecting his secret. He chooses her, and a media chaos ensues with the revelation of his powers in public in an all-out attempt to save her life, which he eventually does. They then teleport to a beautiful secluded island where they spend time together without a single worry in mind. Their impromptu vacation ends with a proposal, which she accepts and rejects, asking him to leave and live instead.

Yet another bittersweet episode! Perhaps, the most haunting line, though, comes from that scholar whom Min-Joon meets back then prophesizing how he would fall in love before he returns to his planet and how the feeling would prove to be very cruel for him. The irony of living for the moment when you know that it would never last is cruel indeed, and this is the prevalent atmosphere looming in the last few episodes. The big reveal about his supernatural abilities seems a bit anti-climactic, though, given how they opted for a rather quick denouement via the impromptu island vacation. Even so, you are reminded that Hwi-Kyeong’s brother is not really the main villain here, but rather Alien’s situation, and to some extent, that double edged sword called love which serves as the source of both his happiness and impending demise. What is bound to happen is still up in the air after this episode, a cliff-hanger in every sense of the word. How the writers would conclude this show’s run is anyone’s guess, and the pressure is on because everyone wants a realistic albeit satisfactory ending. Good luck with that. 

Expressions of the day
줄게 되겠지 Even if I die
우리 둘만 Just the two of us

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