Thursday, February 6, 2014

You Who Came from the Stars: Episode 15

별에서 온 그대: 제15회
Min-Joon apologizes for his sudden disappearance the day before, and changes his sworn statement off the record telling the prosecutor and the detective that he could teleport and that it is Hwi-Kyeong’s brother who is responsible for Yoo-Ra’s death. He then hands them a USB containing a video recording of the contents of Yoo-Ra’s copy-protected USB. Rumors that Song-Yi is engaged to Hwi-Kyeong leaves him in a delusional state, with him imagining the two lounging around his apartment in married splendor while he tries his best to stay sane. He even goes as far as to shoulder the exorbitant cancellation fee as stipulated on her contract with Hwi-Kyeong’s brother, although this is more of a move to protect her from him. Hwi-Kyeong’s brother tries a different approach by convincing Min-Joon to join forces with him after nonchalantly admitting some of his crimes while in Hwi-Kyeong’s hospital room, not knowing that his brother is just feigning his coma at that point, hearing everything that has been revealed. Se-Mi begs Song-Yi to accept Hwi-Kyeong after conceding defeat, but a confused Song-Yi is still busy dealing with Min-Joon, who has been following her around since she has recovered.

Congratulations, Alien, for you have just redefined the meaning of the term FLYING KISS. As expected, we have now entered that stage where it is now the indifferent guy’s turn to give chase and make fun of himself in the process. It seems as though extra-terrestrials also have a rather hyperactive imagination. While the “flying kiss” which concluded the episode appears to be the highlight, what I find to be the most amusing is that playful banter between lawyer Jang and Song-Yi’s mom. This bromance between lawyer and Alien is just so hilarious. I think this drama is also one of the few where you get to witness the characters trying hard to kill each other in one episode, only to appear in the next as if nothing life-threatening ever happened. It is bi-polar like that, but do we not just love it that way. What is remarkable, though, is how the revelation of Alien’s secret is becoming less and less of a big deal, quite similar to the gravity involved in admitting that it was you who farted in the elevator. In fact, everyone who knows seems to be cool with it, or not going insane over it. As such, they can get to focus more on the little details which make the drama memorable by glossing over what should be the surprising truth.

Expressions of the day
왜 이제 왔어? Why did you come just now?
안보고싶었어? Didn't you miss me?

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