Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Loki: Episode 4

4. The Nexus Event
Sylvie recalls how she was abducted as a child from Asgard by then TVA agent Ravonna Renslayer. She steals her TimePad right before judgment and has been on the run since then. The duo awaiting their demise on Lamentis 1 creates a Nexus event big enough for the TVA to track them down and take them in. Loki is imprisoned in a time loop with an angry Sif (Jaimie Alexander) who repeatedly gives him a slap and a kick in the balls for cutting her hair. As Mobius and B-15 begin to catch up on the truth, Renslayer prunes Mobius and takes the two Variants to finally face the Time Keepers. With a last-minute intervention from B-15 who goes MIA after regaining her pre-TVA memories, Loki and Sylvie put up a fight and end up decapitating one of the Time Keepers before discovering that the trio are mere android puppets. Renslayer recovers and successfully prunes Loki but is disarmed by Sylvie, who now demands to know the entire truth. Presuming he is dead, Loki wakes up in a wasteland surrounded by four variants of himself.

Hands down, the best episode to date. They make up for the slow pacing of the previous episode with a lot of revelations and an unexpected cameo in this one. It would have been nice to see Thor but hey, Sif has not been seen in an MCU project since Agents of Shield which is not even canon anymore. That cameo aside, there are a lot of scenes to digest in quick succession. Mobius’ pruning. Loki’s pruning. The Time Keepers indeed existing, but not how we actually thought. Those big reveals are all concentrated towards the end, but it’s the scene in the mid-credits that really makes you question a lot of things. If Renslayer is indeed working for another villain, who at this point I presume to be Kang the Conqueror, what exactly is their reason for this big TVA BS? If pruning does not necessarily kill a pruned variant, do they all end up in the wasteland Loki ends up in? Where exactly is that wasteland? Are Loki variants the sole inhabitants of that wasteland? Of all characters in the MCU, why Loki? Is he unwittingly responsible for the TVA? With such a cliffhanger of an episode, expect episode 5 to break streaming records next week.

“The universe wants to break free, so it manifests chaos. Like me being born the Goddess of Mischief.” –Sylvie

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