Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Loki: Episode 2

2. The Variant
Loki’s first field mission goes awry, prompting Mobius to bury him in paperwork for further investigation of the temporal hiding place of the other Loki variant. Reviewing Asgard’s Ragnarok file, Loki theorizes that apocalyptic events are devoid of time variance energy because the impending catastrophe is meant to take place in the sacred timeline no matter what. Mobius is doubtful but they give it a shot by time traveling to Pompeii right before Vesuvius’ eruption, proving his hypothesis right. Taking a hint from the Kablooie gum retrieved from a previous mission which is only in production between 2047 and 2051, they narrow down the end-of-the-world events, leading them to 2050 Alabama where a level 10 apocalyptic occurrence in the form of a hurricane will happen. As the group is divided and Hunter B-15 is immobilized, Loki finds the Variant (Sophia Di Martino) who simultaneously releases a chain of stolen reset charges, wreaking havoc in the TVA. As she escapes through a time door, Loki follows her as Mobius and Co. try in vain to catch up.

If the horns are of any indication, it seems clear that Di Martino is playing Lady Loki after all. That takes care of the mystery for now, as we’ll obviously learn more about her background in the coming episodes. I must say that I’m getting more and more confused with all the philosophical undertones presented in each episode. The metaphysical angle is getting more and more interesting as Loki and Mobius debate on the premise of omnipotent beings overseeing the flow of time. Of course, this argument extends to real life where we constantly try to grasp such concept of an infallible higher power. Loki is cool to provoke such existentialist musings yet at the same time it creates some sort of organized chaos for its very own storyline as we, just like Loki, begin to question whether these Time Keepers and the TVA are really as untouchable as they think they are or are they just one rung above the rest and can, thus, be manipulated if and when the opportunity arises. I guess we’ll see, but for now I’m really enjoying the mindfuck.

“No one bad is ever truly bad and no one good is ever truly good.” –Loki

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