Friday, October 27, 2017

Stranger Things: Episode 16

16. The Mind Flayer
As the lab is attacked and its personnel are devoured one by one by the monstrous creatures of the Upside Down, Mike convinces Joyce that Will has been taken over by the shadow monster. They put him to sleep with a sedative shot and evacuate with Hopper and Owens to a locked room before the main power is cut off, leaving them trapped. Bob volunteers to reboot the routers. Nancy and Jonathan arrive at the gates of the lab just as Steve and the kids do after fleeing the abandoned garage. Bob reinitiates the mainframe and almost makes it out alive but is killed by one of the monsters right in front of Joyce. They all flee the scene leaving Bob's corpse and Owens, who is still trapped. They rendezvous at casa Byers waiting for their next move. The kids figure out that hurting the shadow monster possessing Will could mean affecting the whole super organism connected to it. Distracting it, Will sends them a message via Morse code. As they await the next attack, Eleven arrives just in time to rescue them.

Dramatic entrance! And the gang is complete once again. Loving the new punk rock look. Don't you just love how Bob suddenly became useful to plot development? Sure, he was just Mama Byers' love interest when the season started but now he has contributed a lot to the story. If Hopper is the brawns, then Bob is clearly the brains. It's a pity that he had to go, but at least he served his purpose. You died a hero, Bob. Too bad good guys always finish last. And now Mama Byers is hysterical again. How I wish that Mama Byers was also superpowered, you know. I wonder how much damage she can inflict once she goes super-saiyan hysterical. El could use a helping hand. Of course you know that I will be attacking Madmax and her narcissist of a stepbrother next, because seriously, what is their role here? It's the second to the last episode and if you remove either or both of them from the equation, it would not affect the flow of the story. At all. Their involvement is just not pivotal. Anyway, final episode next! Exciting.

"We have to kill it. I want to kill it." –Joyce

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