Friday, October 27, 2017

Stranger Things: Episode 14

14. The Spy
Hopper and Will are rushed back to the lab where the former gets a thorough scrubbing while the latter is sedated and ends up suffering from some sort of selective amnesia. The lab people dismiss Will as a lost cause and suggest that they start torching the lair they just found. Will tells them that he knows a way to defeat the shadow monster, convincing Owens to send his team to a certain location in the lair that holds the answer. Dustin enlists Steve's help to get rid of his pet but they find out that it has escaped from the bunker after shedding its skin, meaning it just grew in size once again. Lucas and Maxine rendezvous with them at the old junkyard where they set up a trap. They are in for a surprise when the bait does not attract just one but rather three of the monsters they are anticipating. As they get trapped in an abandoned bus, the creatures retreat to their lair where they attack the lab team who were apparently led into a trap by the entity in possession of Will's body. Their next stop? The lab.

That's the action I am talking about. Eleven had to be absent for the entire episode, though. But it's great, we are finally moving forward. BECAUSE ITS FACE OPENED UP AND IT ATE MY CAT! Hahahaha. So everyone is a fan of Steve now? I must admit it's kind of funny seeing him bonding with Dustin, of all people. On the other hand, it seems like he is a lot better as a character when he is not with Nancy and now that he is somehow emasculated by the arrival of the new alpha male in school. Perhaps that's exactly what the character needed, to be more relatable now that he is not the caricature jock anymore. Moving on, I still don't get it. The big bad from the Upside Down in Season 1, the same one that killed Barbs, was a giant version of this monster that Eleven killed. So is this shadow monster controlling Will their boss or something? What is this entity exactly? Supernatural? Extraterrestrial? I guess not all of these would be answered this season, but at least they are expanding the story's universe further.

"Because its face opened up and it ate my cat." –Dustin

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