Friday, October 27, 2017

Stranger Things: Episode 12

12. Will the Wise
Joyce arrives in time to see Will have another episode, but the shadow bonds with him completely by the time he snaps out of it. Eleven comes back home to a fuming Hopper after seeing Mike with Max at school and telekinetically tripping her on her skateboard. Grounded, she finds a box of files from Hawkins' Lab containing a dossier on Terry Ives, her mother. Nancy and Jonathan head over to meet Barbs' parents but realize that it's a trap. They are detained at the laboratory where Paul Reiser (Sam Owens), Brenner's replacement, explains how the organization is now reformed and shows them what exactly they are facing. Dustin keeps his pet from the Upside Down in his house and in secret as his friends continue to search for it. It grows bigger and bigger in a span of a few days and starts to resemble the monster that Eleven killed. What Will can't express in words regarding his psychic connection with the shadow, he draws, leading to Hopper's discovery of a huge tunnel underneath the dead pumpkins.

Aww, this is why we love Mama Byers. She can be hysterical at times and we know that when she says she will fix it she doesn't really have a clue how but she says it anyway. But see where that led to in last season's finale, they got Will back! I believe in you, Mama Byers. Kick that monster's ass! I don't know, though, this Reiser guy is way better and less sinister than that Brenner douche bag. Maybe he has his own hidden motives, but at least he is more open and honest about his organization's mistakes. So is it now safe to say that this whole Upside Down thing is a government experiment gone wrong? Or a hidden dimension not meant to be found but accidentally was? It's already obvious that they have this X-Men thingy going on with El and 8, experimentation and all. Based on the title, though, I think this shadow thingy bonding with Will is more of a plus than a minus. It's gonna be like a Harry Potter – Voldemort psychic connection thingy! They just need to outwit the enemy. Exciting.

"I don't have to think. I just know things now." –Will

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