Friday, October 27, 2017

Stranger Things: Episode 10

10. Trick or Treat, Freak
Eleven wakes up in the Upside Down, sees an alien portal, and destroys it before emerging on the other side. She runs over to Mike's but sees Brenner's group there. Scared, she hides in the woods. Fast forward to 1984, she asks Hopper if she can go out in disguise for Trick or Treat. He says no. The boys go to school in Ghostbusters costumes, only to find out that only they dressed up for Halloween this year. Joyce is worried about a sketch she finds in Will's room, that of the giant monster from the Upside Down. Max is terrorized by her older brother Billy (Dacre Montgomery) who blames her for their transfer to Indiana. Hopper investigates an ongoing pumpkin catastrophe which he thinks might be connected to the Upside Down. Jonathan lets Will go trick or treating on his own and heads over to a Halloween Party. As Mike rescues Will from one of his episodes, he admits how he misses Eleven and how he thinks she's still around. Dustin goes home and finds something strange wriggling in the trash bin.

Ghostbusters. Terminator. Reagan – Bush. SO loving the 80's references. You know, back in the day when the thought of being glued to a screen all day is something farfetched and strange, like exactly what you and I are doing right now? I guess we all miss those days sometimes. The simple life. Anyway, what's the role of this new skater girl aside from being the obligatory prepubescent geek fantasy of the quartet? Do we really need another Steve? But it's clear now that something happened in California that was her fault. The question is, was it supernatural in nature? Could she possibly be 9 or 10? As for Eleven, it's nice to get those flashbacks now, at least we are finally getting some answers as to what really happened in the season finale. For now it's all good that most of them have hang-ups from what happened in Season 1 all related to the Upside Down, which makes all of them relevant to the main storyline. Some subplots just won't die, though, like the Jonathan–Steve–Nancy love triangle. Yawn.

"C-O-M-promise. Compromise. Well, that's your word for the day. It's something kinda in between, like halfway happy." –Jim

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I should probably start watching this now.

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