Friday, October 27, 2017

Stranger Things: Episode 11

11. The Pollywog
Eleven gets more and more impatient as the days pass by, but is still forbidden by Hopper to see Mike because it's "not yet safe." Dustin finds what he thought was a Pollywog in the trash can and adopts it before getting on full research mode as to what it really is. Showing it to the gang, it gets recognized by Will as the slug from the Upside Down that he vomited a year ago. Max, who is now part of the gang, asks Lucas about what happened to Will. Steve gives Nancy the cold treatment post-hangover. Hopper traces the cause of the dead plants and crops back to the laboratory where Will gets his therapy sessions. Joyce watches the tape recording from trick-or-treat night and sees the static white noise take the form of the monster on Will's sketch. Will gets some advice from his mom's boyfriend Bob (Sean Astin) on standing up to his demons so as to stop them from haunting him. When he gets transported to the Upside Down, he faces the monster, but it starts to bond with him.

More flashbacks, yey! Am I the only one loving El's psychokinetic tantrums? What have you gotten yourself into, Hopper? Hahaha. And what's with Dustin's potty mouth? He's becoming more and more like an Eric Cartman clone after each episode. Not that I don't like it. It's hilarious, actually. Anyway, I'm also bored with the lack of development from the X-Kids. I mean, Eleven is on house arrest and 8 has not made an appearance yet since the prologue of episode one. At least it's now clear to us what Hopper and the organization agreed upon. He covers their tracks, but they keep whatever experiment they have from terrorizing his town. There was no mention of Eleven, so I guess the lab people have no idea that she is still around. All the while I thought her staying there was the result of the two parties' agreeing on something. Cliffhanger episode, though. What does this whole alien monster thing bonding with Will really mean? Is it metaphorical? Is it all in his head? Because if it's not, how come El doesn't sense it?

"I am on a curiosity voyage, and I need my paddles to travel. These books are my paddles. I need my paddles!" –Dustin

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