Friday, October 27, 2017

Stranger Things: Episode 13

13. Dig Dug
Nancy and Jonathan spend a night in a motel en route to wherever it is they are going to reveal their town's little secret. They contemplate on the status of their non-relationship. Dustin tries to get rid of his pet but only manages to lock it down their bunker for the time being. Eleven runs away from home to find her mother. She communicates with her the best way she knows how and ends up getting glimpses of what really happened the day she was born. Lucas tells Max everything that she needs to know about last year's events but she shrugs it off as one big lie. Will gets a premonition of Hopper's current situation and location. With the help of Bob, they figure out that his sketches are not a puzzle, but rather a map of Hawkins. They eventually locate the tunnel and Hopper, just in time before he gets consumed by the vines. The Hawkins Lab people also arrive with enough fire power to fight the enemy, but burning it proves to have an adverse effect on Will as well, who drops to the ground and starts shaking wildly.

Sorry, I don't mean to be a killjoy here but I'm not really buying that map of the tunnel all around casa Byers. It doesn't make sense. Okay fine, now it does. Thanks, Bob. At least you have a purpose now. I'm loving how Dustin is becoming more and more like Eric Cartman. Profanity. Take-charge attitude. But yeah, more profanity, please. I still don't get the relevance of the new kids to the main storyline. We're halfway done with the season and yet both of them still feel like dead weight. What have they to contribute to plot development? Does Maxine have powers too? Because the big brother who apparently isn't her real big brother doesn't seem to have any aside from being a well-coiffed douche. Perhaps my problem is that at the same point in the previous season we were already getting actions and answers. Is it just me or is Season 2 a little bit slow and replete with too much family drama? Hopefully, it picks up. I need a good cliffhanger to wait for the next season. Otherwise, bye bye.

"We have bigger problems than your love life." –Dustin

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