Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Legend of the Blue Sea: Episode 19

푸른 바다의 전설: 제19
History repeats itself with Chi-hyun once again striking the lethal blow, but this time around it’s the mermaid who jumps in front of her lover to save him. Both mother and son are arrested. Chi-hyun takes the easy way out, injecting himself with the poison. He dies in his mother’s arms. The Murderer remains at large. Later, he seeks hypnosis again to regain his lost memories. A prophecy dooms him into a life of eternal confusion. Shi-ah wakes up from a dream where she is the wife of a young Dam-ryeong, sneaking out to meet his lover. When Nam-doo sees manager Nam, a flashback is triggered showing he spared the man’s life instead of betraying him. He wakes up from his coma, calling Joon-jae “Dam-ryeong” and Nam-doo “Park-moo”. Shim Cheong swiftly recovers despite the bullet hitting both her heart’s right and left ventricles, once again puzzling doctors with her regenerative ability. Joon-jae erases her records to prevent her secret from being exposed to the world. He returns her to the ocean.

Aww, Mentor. Respect. In the end, loyalty trumped greed. I really thought he would betray them. He was convincing like that. His Joseon dynasty self is confusing, though. He played a big part in that past life. And his backstory there too! For a moment, I thought there would be a lost older sibling angle! What the heck, even the psychiatrist has a Joseon dynasty counterpart! HAHAHA. Dafuq. Even Third Party Girl, actually. Well, did they win? This is just the second to the last episode. But then, Korean dramas tend to be like this. The big climax usually happens in the second to the last episode, and then a smaller twist is revealed in the last. Remember 49일? Remember You Who Came from the Stars? We just have to wait if this narrative will lean more towards tragedy or compromise. THERE YOU GO, that’s the catch. Mermaid just confessed to Third Party Girl that she envies her because she can GROW OLD with the person that she loves. What’s the deal with her heart, though? I thought as long as she was loved she’d be fine?

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