Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Legend of the Blue Sea: Episode 16

푸른 바다의 전설: 제16
After the mother-and-son reunion, they all rendezvous for Shim Cheong’s birthday. Afterwards, Joon-jae’s mother confirms that the woman related to the Murderer is none other than his stepmother. Chi-hyun finds out that the Murderer is his real father. Shi-ah once again drags Tae-oh to drink with her, confessing everything. He gives her valuable advice. Manager Nam survives Chi-hyun’s attempt on his life. He dreams about his past, where Chi-hyun and Nam-doo were allies against Dam-ryeong. The gang lures the stepmother out of the house with Shi-ah’s sister-in-law’s help. They enter the mansion to gather evidence and place a bug. Joon-jae finds his dad in his room and discovers his true condition. He tries to rescue him, but he refuses. Shim Cheong takes care of Chi-hyun. After it is revealed that everything is a ploy, he leaves her and rushes home. The Murderer chases her. She outwits him and erases his memories, but acquires his in the process, including that of his past life. Now she knows what Dam-ryeong and Se-hwa’s fate really was.

Aww, Mermaid found your Mommy... Can we kick some ass now, please? But first, Mermaid’s party. What a weird bunch of misfits! A Mermaid. A hobo. A kid too mature for her age. It was fun, and served its purpose in diluting the drama somehow. Anyway, I’m hating on Con-Man’s stupid methods. Guy has Messiah Complex. Dude, if you just reveal everything all at once, this will not be as complicated as it. He’s micromanaging everything! It’s annoying AF. And so the Mentor was a traitor in the past. As history just repeats itself, it’s safe to say that he will do it again in this timeline. I wonder how he and Stepbro will team up. What are they going to do? I’m also curious as to what Third Party Girl and Hacker Kid’s roles were in the past. Her sister-in-law is still playing the same role, that of Mommy’s somehow oppressed but loyal servants. I’m actually liking her now, the sister-in-law. It’s absurd how she eats gossip for breakfast and how it has become her raison d’être all of a sudden, but she is helping them nonetheless, so whatevs.

Words of the day
자살 Suicide
상황 Situation

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