Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Legend of the Blue Sea: Episode 20

푸른 바다의 전설: 제20
Joon-jae leaves it to Shim Cheong whether to erase his memory or not before she goes back to the ocean. She says goodbye to everyone she met in Seoul, shaking their hands. Joon-jae wakes up with a pink pearl on his side table, a kind mermaids shed thanks to a happy memory. Three years later, the gang still lives together along with Joon-jae’s mother, who now owns all of their business shares. He, on the other hand, graduates from law school and is now an intern at the same prosecutor’s office they scammed before. They have no recollection of Shim Cheong, but Joon-jae inexplicably cries from time to time because he misses someone, although he doesn’t know who. Shim Cheong resurfaces in Seoul. She drops by Joon-jae’s place to visit, but nobody recognizes her, except him. He reveals that he has always kept a diary of everything that happened even before she erased his memories. He requests to be assigned at Seokcho where he bought a house in front of the sea. There they await the birth of their first child.

So the little girl helper was half-mermaid in the past, that’s why she can hear Mermaid’s thoughts. Anyway, that answers the question as to why she left, to recuperate. I don’t know. The doctors said she recovered really fast. Trauma? Or perhaps it’s just a metaphor? Her heart was (literally) broken and she needed space? HAHAHA. And then she comes back after erasing everyone’s memories and expect people to remember her? Naive much? She should have seen 50 First Dates before she jumped back into the ocean. Con-Man probably did, and see what wonders it did for him. All in all, I enjoyed this show. It was off to a rather slow start, but it eventually picked up. Compared to You Who Came from the Stars, though, this one feels a bit lacking. The writer opted for compromise again, if you can even call it that. This is more of a happy ending, for now. Of course, when she starts outliving all of them, it will take a tragic turn. But they don’t go there. They don’t have to anyway. Cut them some slack. Sometimes, we need happy endings too.

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