Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Legend of the Blue Sea: Episode 18

푸른 바다의 전설: 제18
Hysterical, Joon-jae beats Chi-hyun to a pulp. Nam-doo starts to threaten Shim Cheong, albeit subtly. She threatens him back. Seo-hee puts on a convincing show before contacting their lawyers to expedite the inheritance transfer. Joon-jae’s mother attends the funeral and a confrontation ensues in the bathroom. Shim Cheong intervenes, touching Seo-hee’s hands and seeing her recent memories. Going back to the mansion, they find all the hidden evidence and Seo-hee is arrested for murder, but released because circumstantial evidence is not admissible without a confession. Chi-hyun approaches Nam-doo. He easily switches sides and delivers Joon-jae to Chi-hyun and Seo-hee, staging his suicide. In the end, it’s all a setup. Nam-doo just played along and remained a loyal friend. Seo-hee is arrested after her confession is recorded. Thinking Nam-doo betrayed them, Tae-ho and Shim Cheong come to the rescue. As a hysterical Chi-hyun grabs an officer’s gun, Shim Cheong jumps in front of Joon-jae to block the bullet meant for him.

Wow, Stepmom. Best Supporting Actress? Baeksang Awards? Golden Globes? I was waiting for Mermaid to kick her ass. Too bad she didn’t. It would have been freakin’ hilarious. Mermaid is so serious now. I like it. She’s fierce like that despite being a simpleton. I guess you easily get used to human misery and idiocy after playing with them for a while, and then you eventually become deranged. Exciting episode, nonetheless. Everything is starting to fall into place. The way they have built up the plot yielded an exciting reveal. This is the climax, unless they have another surprise in the last two episodes. I am amused with what Mentor has done. But is he really done? He can’t betray Con-Man, but Mermaid, on the other hand? Or maybe what she said to him really just caught him unawares, thus, the epiphany? Surprise us, writers. HAHAHA, I knew it. Third Party Girl and Hacker Kid! The weird thing is I think I’m actually shipping them now. HAHAHA. Dafuq. Last two episodes, folks!

Words of the day
검시 해부 Autopsy
재산 Wealth

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