Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Legend of the Blue Sea: Episode 15

푸른 바다의 전설: 제15
Joon-jae admits that he knows everything. Shim Cheong clarifies how their lives are tied now, and how she will die if he dies. He then blames himself for her fate, feeling responsible for her life. He now thinks that he must return her to the sea to save her. He takes her to the gallery and tells her the tragic love story between Dam-ryeong and Se-hwa. He changes the details and lies about the two ending up happily ever after. She proposes to erase just half of his day's memories to reassure him, but he disagrees. Joon-jae’s stepmother now knows all about his mom’s whereabouts and her cover up. Now Shi-ah’s household knows everything, too. Shi-ah goes clubbing to get drunk after the info overload and the whole gang comes to join her, ending in a Shi-ah/Shim Cheong dance showdown. Chi-hyun removes Manager Nam’s respirator, almost killing him in the process. Shim Cheong throws herself a party pretending it’s her birthday. She invites Joon-jae’s mother. Mother and son finally meet, thanks to her.

No more secrets? Hey Con-Man, can you just make this simple and fucking tell Mermaid about your past lives? YES. FINALLY. Oh wait, he lied. Damn, dude. WTF? In other news, FINALLEEEHH! About time that Con-Man finally met Mommy. Plot development, hooray? Like, you guys have five episodes left. Wrap it up? I mean, if the clueless Mermaid found you in Seoul in just two days after arriving, it’s so annoying how you haven’t crossed paths with Mommy all this time, considering how she just lives at Third Party Girl’s house. Aww, Third Party Girl! You were holding two aces right there, and now Mermaid beat you to the punch. But it’s fine. I get that you’re the comic relief here. I just hope you don’t cross over to the dark side. Stepbro is doing a perfect job with that. Did you see his reaction after removing that guy’s respirator? Stepbro is nuts. He’ll be doing really bad things soon. Now that the good guys have finally assembled, can we please do the final battle soon-ish? We’re ready for the ultimate bitch fight. Woohoo!

Words of the day
역사 History
진실 Truth

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