Sunday, May 29, 2016

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 6/Episode 6

6.6 Blood of My Blood
Meera trudges through the snow until she cannot go any farther, while Bran lays inactive getting more flashbacks. As the White Walkers catch up, a man on horseback comes to their rescue, who later reveals himself to be his long lost Uncle Benjen. Sam and Gilly make their way to Horn Hill. Awkwardness ensues as his father insults him and her at the dining table. He prepares to leave, but comes back for Gilly and her son, saying that all three of them belong together. As Margaery is set to begin her walk of atonement, Jaime and the Tyrells march in and a confrontation follows. They’re caught unawares as Tommen emerges from the sept, announcing his alliance with the High Sparrow. Arya poisons Lady Crane’s rum but their conversation convinces her that she’s a good person. She aborts her mission. On her way back to Meereen, Daenerys contemplates on sailing to Westeros with all of her army in tow. She disappears, comes back mounting Drogon, and rallies her new khalassar to give her the seven kingdoms Khal Drogo promised her.

ARGH. Tommen, you fucking idiot. Please bring Joffrey Bieber back from the dead. I thought that stupid High Sparrow was finally going to get what he deserved. But damn, that scene with Queen B sitting on her chair and that gaze of hers. She’s planning something big, and I can’t wait to find out what it is. It’s nice to see less snow this time around, what with all the Zombie subplot and the blinding white background that always accompanies them. It’s funny seeing Queen Wannabe being religious and shit, but you have to give her props for knowing how to play the game. So the cities of Essos are really that free, that they can make a farce of what’s happening in Westeros and get away with it? But maybe that’s not surprising. The Lannisters owe the Iron Bank a great deal after all. And of course we have Dragon Mama across the Narrow Sea, who is really excited to get her seven kingdoms back. She’s getting better with her public speaking skills. I suddenly wanted to sign up to be a Dothraki and sail to Westeros with them!

“He’s beaten us, that’s what’s happening.” –Olenna Tyrell

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