Sunday, June 5, 2016

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 6/Episode 7

6.7 The Broken Man
Margaery keeps her act up bewildering her grandmother, but slips a piece of paper in her hand with the emblem of House Tyrell, proof that she is planning something. Jon Snow sways the Wildlings to support their war against the Boltons, but is having tough luck with Lyanna Mormont (Bella Ramsey), the 10-year-old ruler of Bear Island. It’s Ser Davos who gets to persuade her to join their cause. Sansa isn’t convinced that they’ll win a battle with the little support they have. She sends a raven to Petyr Baelish. Jaime is sent to win back the castle the Freys lost to Blackfish. Yara assures Theon that sailing to Meereen and making a pact with Daenerys can get them the Iron Islands back. Arya bribes a sailor to get her back to Westeros. The Waif ambushes her, slashing her belly. Heavily wounded and bleeding profusely, she manages to escape. The Hound is alive and seeking refuge at a small community on the hills. When raiders come and murder everyone in the village, he picks up his axe and decides that peace is not really meant for him.

THE HOUND IS BAAAACK!!! It’s weird that I kinda missed him, but I think he contributed a lot to Baby Girl Stark’s safety which enabled her to eventually reach Braavos. He was there for her when nobody was. I hope we see a reunion! Or are we gonna get one now that she’s bleeding to death? I never really liked the Waif. I don’t know what her glitch is, but bitch sure is insecure. So let me get this straight, Lilly Allen’s Brother and his sister fled the Iron Islands to steal their Uncle’s idea? Hahaha, good call. After all, they left them sans ship. This plan could actually work. Drogon and his bros won’t need a lot of time to fly over the islands and barbecue everyone there. You see, it’s always easier when you have dragons with you. Now we see that the Jurassic Park Starter Pack Dragon Mama got as a wedding gift has been a sound investment after all. I wonder what Queen Wannabe is planning. She is shrewd, but I’m clueless how she thinks she can get out of this predicament, when Queen B and the other ones who are free can barely do anything.

“Fuck justice then, we’ll get revenge.” –Yara Greyjoy

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