Sunday, May 22, 2016

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 6/Episode 5

6.5 The Door
Petyr meets up with Sansa and pledges the support of the Knights of the Vale, but she blames him for the torture she endured with Ramsay. She and Jon weigh their options, and set out to rally more northern houses to their cause. Arya is given a second chance by assassinating a theater actress, but is sidetracked by a farce mocking her father. The Ironborn rally behind Theon, but he supports his sister Yara’s bid instead. Their efforts are in vain as Euron arrives and takes the salt throne. Brother and sister flee, taking all their best ships with them. Daenerys pardons Ser Jorah, but he insists that she send him away, revealing his greyscale. Tyrion employs the help of a red priestess to legitimize Daenerys’ hold of Meereen. Varys chastises her, but she reveals secrets of his past that makes him reevaluate his skepticism of the unknown. Bran’s trip to the past reveals the origin of the White Walkers. His stubbornness leads them right where they are at present, resulting in the Three-Eyed Raven’s death. Hodor also dies, holding the door.

Shit, Hodor died. But everything happens for a reason, you know. Try looking at the bigger picture. That doesn’t mean the scene was not intense, though. That can easily be one of the most heartbreaking deaths in the entire series. And another dire wolf died too. Sad. BTW, it looks like Littlefinger is already getting into Little Dove’s head regarding potential leadership of the north. Little Dove vs. Jon Snow, then? Nah it’s not going to happen. I think Jon Snow will just concede without a fight. They’re family after all, and he seems to hate leadership obligations. But I’m loving Sansa’s new bitchy demeanor. She’s out for blood, and I hope she gets it. Aww, just when Ser Jorah is about to get his TRO lifted, greyscale gets in the way. The gods must hate you that much, bruh. And wow, I haven’t seen Varys rendered speechless like that. Next to Tyrion, he probably has the most quotable quotes in this show. I guess even the wise have to shut up sometimes? And we’re shipping Brienne and Tormund now. Her animosity towards him is amusing AF.

“Does death only come for the wicked and leave the decent behind?” –Jaqen

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