Sunday, May 15, 2016

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 6/Episode 4

6.4 Book of the Stranger
Jon Snow prepares to leave Castle Black just in time when Sansa, Podrick, and Brienne come marching in. She wants to take Winterfell back, but he’s tired of fighting. Petyr manipulates the truth to his advantage, gains the upper hand, and mobilizes the Knights of the Vale to prep them for Sansa’ rebellion. Tyrion and Varys try the diplomatic approach with the masters of Slaver’s Bay, which does not sit well with either Grey Worm or Missandei. The Lannisters and the Tyrells settle their animosity against one another in a plan to seize power back from the faith militants. Theon reunites with his sister at the Iron Islands and supports her bid to be the new Ironborn ruler. Osha ends up dead trying to outwit Ramsay, leaving Rickon hostage. Ramsay then sends Jon Snow a threat which the two Starks just can’t ignore. Ser Jorah and Daario sneak into Dosh Khaleen to rescue Daenerys, but she refuses. On the day of her trial, she literally burns the house down killing all the Khals, emerges unscathed, and gains a new horde of Dothraki followers.

Aww, family reunion!!! I think this is the first time two Starks have been reunited after such a long time!!! Now that Baby Girl Stark has her vision back, maybe she can join the reunion too! And ooh, I love Little Dove’s new fight plan. Bitch is hungry for revenge. GIVE ‘EM HELL, Little Dove. Give ‘em hell! Hey High Sparrow, NO ONE WANTS TO LISTEN TO YOUR CHILDHOOD BS. Just die already. This faith militant arc has dragged on long enough. These fanatics have hijacked the King’s Landing storyline long enough. Oops, she did it again. Boys, look. I think we’ve long established the fact that Dragon Mama is a flameproof arsonist who really, really loves to play with fire, burns the house down, and be, like, oops my bad, as she emerges unscathed from the very bonfire she ignited. There’s a reason why the Starbucks barista in Meereen writes THE UNBURNT on her venti Frappuccino cup. Her party trick is getting old, but hey, she just got a fresh new army of Dothraki just like that. So bow down to your queen.

“You’re not going to serve. You’re going to die.” –Daenerys Targaryen

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