Thursday, October 9, 2014

한글 날

오늘은 수업이 없도라고요. 한글 날이니까. 그래서 복습할 있어야 할텐데, 하지만 했어. 아마 이런 계획 하기를 그만해야해해서 그렇게 쉬는 아무것도 제격이잖아요? 내일 발표 있도라도 11시까지 준비 했거든요. 그럼 했나요? 하루종일 YouTube에서 음악밖에 드렀어요. 갑자기 배우고 싶지 않은지 모르겠어요, 진짜. 요즘 여행만 하고 싶지만 해요. 혹시나 그냥 마음대로 하면 좋겠어요?

Hangul Day
There were no classes today. This is because it’s Hangul Day. As such, I should have been able to review, but I did not. Maybe I should stop making plans like this given how it is just fitting to do nothing on such a rest day, right? Even if I have a presentation tomorrow, I did not prepare until it was 11 PM. So what did I do? I was on YouTube the whole day listening to nothing more than music. As to why I suddenly don’t want to study, I just don’t know, really. Lately I just want to travel, but I could not. Perhaps it would be nice to just do whatever I want?

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