Wednesday, October 1, 2014

한국어 일기를 안 쓰려고 했는 이유

한국어 일기를 쓰려고 했는 이유
오늘은 드디어 일기를 쓰기로 했거든, 사실은 약간 무서운 것같아요. 왜냐하면, 다들 내가 열심히 배우는 같다고 생각하면, 싫어요. 생각엔 한국어가 정말 어려워요. 서울에서 왔던 때가 엊그제 같은데, 두달 벌써 지났어요. 그래도 진행은 느린것 같아요. 게다가, 같은 우리 각자 나보다 할고 보니, 창피하네요. 근데 하기 위해 애쓰지만, 힘들겠어요. 그렇니까 매일 잘공부할게요! 아마도, 재미있게 배우면, 들지 않고야 말겠잖아요?

Why I Didn’t Intend to Write a Korean Diary
I’ve finally decided to write a Korean journal today; to be honest I find it somewhat scary. The reason is that I don’t like people to think that I am not learning well. In my opinion, Korean is really difficult. It seems so long ago since I arrived in Seoul, two months have already passed. Even so, progress has been quite slow. In addition, seeing how every one of my classmates speak better than I do makes me feel like an embarrassment. But I could also strive to do well, although it would be difficult. And so I will study hard every day! Perhaps, if I learn in an interesting way, I would not end up giving up, now would I?

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