Wednesday, October 8, 2014

자 버렸어요

며칠 동안 비곤한 것같더라도, 12시까지 할일이 열심히 하려고 앴었어요. 근데 오늘 정말 줄리길래 자버렸어요. 그럼 5 부터 12 까지 자고 말았는데, 걱정해요. 왜냐하면, 이렇게 자면 수업 시간까지 줄릴텐데 힘드겠어요. 그나저나 내일은 한글날 이죠! 그렇게 쉬는 이니까 자는데 제격 이네요. 그렇지만 하루종일 쉬느니 차라리 열심히 공부해야할게요. 그렇지 않으면 복습은 커녕 발표를 끝날 없는지 걱정해요!

Fell Asleep
I seem to be tired the last few days, working hard on my chores until 12 AM. But today I was just really sleepy and fell asleep. So I ended up sleeping from around 5 PM to 12, and I am worried. The reason is when I sleep like this I tend to be sleepy in even during class time, giving me a hard time. By the way, it’s Hangul Day tomorrow, right! It is just fitting for such a holiday to sleep the whole day. However, instead of resting I would have to study hard. Otherwise, being able to finish either the presentation or the review would be a problem.

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