Friday, October 10, 2014

오늘 할일이 많이 할 수 있어요

오늘 할일이 많이 있어요
어제 내가 거의 아무것도 한댔잖아요? 그럼 오늘 많이 했어요! 처음으로 발표가 있었죠. 불편하게 말해서 다들이 심심한 같은데 어떻게 해야 되요? 근데 제목이 마음에 드르면 아무리 힘드라도 내내 말하기 마련이에요. 수업 끝나자마자 점심 먹었는데 스케잍으장에 가기로했어요. 노원에서 있는 태릉 스케잍으장에 갔는데 그렇게 넓은 스케잍으장을 처음으로 봤거든요. 아주 재미있게 노랐어요. 다음에 이태원에서 계속 노랐어요.

I Did A Lot Today
I did almost nothing yesterday, right? Well, today I did a lot! First there was a presentation, right? I spoke uncomfortably and it seemed everyone was bored, but what should I do? But if the topic is interesting for you, no matter how difficult you just end up talking and talking. As soon as class ended I had lunch and then decided to go to the ice skating rink. I went to Nowon’s Taereung Ice Skating Rink and it was the first time that I’ve seen such a big ice skating rink. I really had a wonderful time there. After that I continued having fun at Itaewon for the night.

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