Sunday, April 6, 2014

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 4/Episode 1

4.1 Two Swords
Jaime wants to serve in the King’s Guard again but Tywin orders him to return to Casterly Rock and rule in his stead. He tries to be intimate with Cersei, but she resists his advances and blames him for leaving her all alone to deal with what she has been through so far. Prince Oberyn Martell (Pedro Pascal) of Dorne arrives in King’s Landing and heads straight to Petyr’s brothel where he causes a mini commotion. He admits to Tyrion that he has come to avenge his sister Elia, Rhaegar Targaryen’s queen, who was rumored to have been raped and murdered by The Mountain. Daenerys confronts the dilemma of not being able to tame her dragons. She and her army march to Mereen in their quest to free more slaves. Jon Snow recovers and reports on what he found out about the Wildlings’ plan to invade Castle Black. Brienne reunites with Margaery and promises to one day make Stannis pay for Renly’s death. The Hound continues to travel with Arya and intends to bring her to her aunt, Lysa Arryn. On the way, they encounter the soldiers who killed her friend in Harrenhal. For the second time, she goes for the kill.

So they get a new actor to play Dragon Mama’s boy toy, and he suddenly has shorter brown hair on his head, not to mention the facial hair. If he needed a haircut, maybe they could have done so after changing the actor but keeping the main appearance of the character for at least a few episodes, like his signature long blonde locks. It’s confusing to the audience, you know. The guy looks like a totally different character with the same name! Anyway, this episode is rather boring, which perhaps could not be prevented after all the excitement and shit that went down during the last two episodes of the previous season. The only exciting development here is Arya’s trip to the dark side. How many did she kill in this episode? Two? And she seems to be getting more and more used to it, huh, with a sinister smirk to boot after finishing the job. And all this while Little Dove is still stranded in King’s Landing and shedding tears beautifully. Perhaps, expecting two strong Stark sisters is just asking too much.

“Fuck the king.” –The Hound

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