Sunday, June 2, 2013

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 3/Episode 10

3.10 Mhysa
The Hound takes Arya away to safety, but not until she sees his brother’s headless corpse being paraded with his dire wolf’s head. She later stabs a soldier to death, her first, after she overhears him mocking her family’s death. Joffrey orders Robb’s head to be delivered to him to present to Sansa during his wedding. Jaime and Brienne finally arrive at King’s Landing, reuniting him with Cersei. Roose Bolton is named warden of the north, and reveals that the deranged man torturing Theon is his son, Ramsay (Iwan Rheon). Sam and Gilly find Bran and company in the tower. He recognizes him as Jon Snow’s brother and persudes him to go back to Castle Black. But with Osha and Rickon already headed to safety, he is determined to go with Jejon, Meera, and Hodor north of the wall to fulfill his fate. Ygritte catches up with Jon Snow and shoots her arrows at him. Wounded, he eventually makes it back to Castle Black. Davos lets Gendry escape. The freed slaves of Yunkai declare Daenerys as their as Mhysa, which means “Mother” in the vernacular.

Joffrey Bieber is ecstatic indeed, and so annoying AF I wanted to strangle him with his mother’s long locks. The funny thing is that despite his being a diva, he can’t seem to get even with either Gimli or Daddy Lannister. EVER. He just doesn’t have the wits to match. This episode is one big family soap opera. For an aging a-hole like Daddy Lannister, he did tug a heartstring when he told Gimli how he decided to raise him instead of drowning him in the sea after he was born. And damn, it’s another one of those episodes where Queen Bitch plays the motherhood card and you just want to give her a hug of consolation, instead of pushing her down the stairs. She’s a bitch. She’s a mother. A lot of family drama here! Even Lily Allen’s Brother’s Sister goes all out to bring little bro home. And then Dragon Mama ends up being mommy to an entire city of slaves. In the end you realize, all of these characters are nuts. But most of them are nuts for family, which is probably a good thing after all. To some extent.

“In the box, you will find a special gift: Theon’s favorite toy. He cried when I took it away from him.” –Ramsay Bolton

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