Sunday, April 20, 2014

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 4/Episode 3

4.3 Breaker of Chains
Sansa flees the capital with the help of the court’s fool whom she saved from being beheaded during Joffrey’s name day celebration. He takes her to Petyr Baelish’s ship. Tommen prepares to ascend to the throne in the wake of his brother’s death. Tywin briefs him on the ins and outs of ruling King’s Landing, cementing his importance. Cersei wants Tyrion dead, but Jaime does not believe that he did it, and prefers a trial for the truth to be uncovered. Arya finds refuge in a household loyal to the Tullys, but The Hound betrays them and steals from them. Sam worries for Gilly being the only woman in a fort with a hundred men. Stannis pressures Ser Davos regarding their opportunity to seize the throne now that Joffrey is dead. Tywin interrupts Oberyn’s brothel activities to interrogate him, but gets interrogated in return. They end up with a Lannister-Martell alliance. The Wildlings begin attacking towns in the north, and the Night’s Watch is torn between defending the wall and the townsfolk. Daenerys reaches Meereen.

Aww, Queen Bitch. Can we really blame you for being such a horrible piece of hot mess? Prince Charming, on the contrary, is just overflowing with testosterone, in fact, so full of it that he ends up having a go at his sister right next to their dead son’s corpse. These Lannisters are fucked up AF. Anyway, I love how Gimli and Podrick played Whodunit. Their goodbye is bittersweet, but you just appreciate Gimli even more. For all the bad rep that he’s getting, we just know that he is, indeed, a good man. Dragon Mama continues her quest to free more slaves, as if it was some sort of pyramiding scheme and she had a quota to fulfill. Free one slave, you get a microwave. Free 1,000,000 and you get the Iron Throne. I’m quite impressed. In the history of mankind, no army will march into one territory to free whoever it is that they find there. It’s usually a game of subjugation, regardless how discreet or blatant. By offering these slaves freedom, she is furthering her myth, which will help her once she sets her eyes on Westeros. Isn’t it a game of reputation, after all?

“The world is overflowing with horrible things, but they’re all a tray of cakes next to death.” –Olenna Tyrell

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