Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pure Love: Episode 4

49일: 제4회
Ji Hyeon narrowly escapes Minho and she ends up having a bad fall from her room’s veranda. All these oddities almost gets her fired, but she manages to convince Kang to keep her as a waitress in his restaurant anyway. More secrets are revealed as Minho and In Jeong recall what brought them together. It appears that the chance encounter between Minho and Ji Hyeon, which launched their love story, was actually pre-planned and is part of a bigger con. For now, it appears that whatever motivation the two have is fueled by vengeance towards Ji Hyeon’s family. The elusive seal is not found by anyone until both Ji Hyeon and In Jeong realize that it is in one of her stuffed toys, and so a race to get that stuffed kangaroo is witnessed towards the end of the episode. Another glimpse of the mechanics involved in crossing over is also shown, as a woman who dies in a swimming pool accident is forcefully carried by two hooded supernatural beings to the elevator. It looks like there is no escaping death, after all.

This is another slow episode, but the race to get the seal kind of brought back the excitement towards the end. As always, the show ends with a cliff hanger, which is just complementary to my insomnia. Yes, it makes you beg for more like that. That scene where two hooded supernatural thugs had to force the woman into the elevator is scary, but it is a good thing to see another aspect of crossing over. At least, they are showing more of those than Yi Kyeong’s backstory. Up until now, we only know that she is suicidal because her boyfriend died, and that the man following her around, the man who saved him from the speeding truck, is her psychiatrist. Aside from noticing her hair again (it must have been that bad before for her to notice only that for now, maybe she hates shampoo), there is no other development regarding the bond between two women. Oh yes, she noticed her ankle sprain but that was it. So far, it is still an enigma if Ji Hyeon would live again. Who would give those three tears? Seeing her character evolved is cool, but pitiful at the same time because she would not have had the same luck had she been alive all this time.

Expressions of the day
날 기억해 봐 Try to remember me
니가 너무 그리워 I really miss you

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