Monday, April 25, 2011

Pure Love: Episode 1

49일: 제1회
Shin Ji Hyeon (남규리) is living the perfect life: the only child of a wealthy family; getting married in a month; and blessed with a very reliable best friend. Although a bit clumsy, she is an optimistic ball of sunshine that just could not be suppressed. Song Yi Kyeong (이요원) works the night shift in a convenience store. Lacking any motivation to continue living after her boyfriend’s death, she even dares two knife-wielding thugs to stab her as they try to rob the shop while she is on duty. Deciding to end her life, she jumps in front of speeding truck the next day, but is unexpectedly saved by a good samaritan. The incident, however, results in a huge pile-up with Ji Hyeon as one of the victims. Flying out of her car’s windshield, Ji Hyeon walks it off, but watches in horror as her body is loaded into an ambulance. Confused, she follows a guy who seems to be the only one to acknowledge her presence. He turns out to be a Scheduler, a modern-day grim reaper who leads souls to the afterlife. He then explains that it is not yet her time to die, and that she has two options: a) just give up right there and then and die; or b) fight for her life by collecting three pure tears from people who truly love her, blood relatives excluded, within 49 days. Deeming the challenge easy, she chooses the second option. Since her body is in a coma, she is to borrow Yi Kyeong’s and live the girl’s life in an attempt to successfully complete her task.

This theme has been done before. City of Angels, anyone? The trick does not get old, though. As human beings, there will always be a time of great despair, when you just want to end it all. Rough times. Stories like this give you a rather fascinating what-if scenario, leading you to reflect on your very own life in the process. Hey, you could never go wrong with a death-themed plot. Instead of going traditional, the fictional elements are presented with an updated touch that is in sync with the modern era. Together with good acting from the cast, with 이요원 deserving a special mention, this K-drama is bound to be interesting. The only caveat for now is the universe that it has created for itself. This is where most stories fail once they end up disrespecting the norms that have been set for their particular story universe. Here is hoping that this show reaches its finale without too many loopholes.

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