Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pure Love: Episode 2

49일: 제2회
The Scheduler (정일우) lays out three rules for Ji Hyeon: 1) She could only borrow Yi Kyeong’s body when she is asleep; 2) She could not tell anyone that she is Ji Hyeon; and 3) She has to earn her own money. Clueless as to where to find employment, she ends up working for Han Kang (조현재), her high school best friend who is secretly in love with her. However, since she is using Yi Kyeong’s body, the two always get engaged in funny situations brought about by Ji Hyeon’s quirkiness. Meanwhile, the real Yi Kyeong still gets to use her body from midnight onwards because she is working the night shift anyway. For now, she is totally clueless as to what is happening and continues living her life with a very negative outlook. Ji Hyeon originally thought that it would be easy to collect three pure teardrops, namely from her fiancé and two best friends. This enthusiasm is cut short, though, as she finds out that fiancé and best friend number one are having an affair, and that this very revelation actually had a hand in her accident, as memories from the past few days start to come back to her.

Did 이요원 win an acting award for this one? Seriously? If all else fails with regards to the execution of this drama, it is her acting that will definitely redeem everything. As host body for Ji Hyeon, we see a different side of her that is almost the exact opposite of her persona when she us Yi Kyeong. For an actress to achieve such clear distinction between two characters with the same face, that just means that she is one gifted actor. That is not the end of the good news, though. The execution of the plot is entertaining because of the tongue-in-cheek presentation of various issues related to death, as if this rather profound theme that ends up baffling many has been demystified and dumbed down for public consumption. While the main plot remains heavy, these light and funny moments make everything more tolerable and less melodramatic. As for now, you just have to wonder who would give those three teardrops. One will obviously come from Kang. And since fiancé and best friend number one are already ruled out of contention, what about the other two? The interaction between Ji Hyeon and the Scheduler is so funny, by the way. It is cool how they humanized the reaper to such extent.

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