Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pure Love: Episode 3

49일: 제3회
Minho (배수빈) and In Jeong (서지혜) have been cheating on Ji Hyeon all along, and they are planning something bad regarding her family and their business too. Ji Hyeon suddenly realizes how hard it is to find three pure teardrops amidst all this deception she has been totally unaware of until now. Yi Kyeong starts to notice the little changes brought about by Ji Hyeon inhabiting her body, but still behaves the same way she does, not giving a damn. Now more than ever, Ji Hyeon is thankful to Kang for being such a good boss and for being tolerant of her weird behavior while in Yi Kyeong’s body. She loses hope for her quest for a while, but bounces back once the Scheduler threatens to bring her to the elevator. Adding to her mission now is to thwart all the plans of her fiancé and best friend against her family, starting with finding her seal, which the two intend to steal in order for them to get what they want. And so she sneaks into their house, just in time when Minho arrives to look for the same thing.

This episode slowed down significantly relative to the last episode. Perhaps, it is because of all the revelations regarding the deception, and the plot revolving around that for the whole episode, that dragged everything down. Somehow, it is expected that more information about Yi Kyeong would be revealed as well, so that the viewers could actually have a reason to like her as a person too, and not just as a host body. This development, however, has been slow, and for now there really is no new fact revealed about her. What is exciting, perhaps, is how she has noticed the little changes in her body, such as the better maintained hair, brought about by Ji Hyeon. The way some scenes showing the two women in one frame also suggests that their fates would be tied to each other, and thinking about the bond that they currently have, it is interesting to know how this special relationship will develop and what good it would bring to each one. Kang’s role has also been limited for the time being, but seeing how he is beginning to observe certain nuances that link Ji Hyeon and Yi Kyeong, it is evident that he would be instrumental as a plot device later on.

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