Sunday, March 27, 2011

[PILI] Wakeboarders Don’t Give a Damn About Getting Wet!

It was a trip back to Naga for me after my quick and wet Caramoan escapade. I didn't book a flight back to Manila. I wanted to try the 8-hour bus trip, yes... and Cebu Pacific ran out of promos going back, HAHAHA! Getting a van back to Naga is not a problem. Once your boat docks at the port you just have to follow the other tourists. For sure, one of them will be taking a van to the city.

The length of the trip is still a little over an hour. I asked the driver to drop me off wherever I could take any form of vehicle going to the Camsur Watersports Complex or CWC. Wake-boarding was, of course, on my to-do list. Besides, it was only 9 AM and the bus that I'd be taking back to Manila wouldn't leave for another 12 hours. That is a lot of time!

We arrived at the highway along the airport at around a quarter past 10. The driver dropped me off at the bus stop directly in front of the large banner welcoming you to CWC. From there, one has to take a tricycle going in. I paid 50 pesos for the trip even if it didn't even take 15 minutes to reach the complex.

I apologize for the lack of pictures. In fact, I only have two for CWC. Why? Prepare my friend, again I bitch: a) It was raining ALL DAY; b) my phone is not waterproof; c) I was busy Diving, and that is frustrating for the mere reason that the activity is actually called Wake-boarding; and d) it was already dark when I finally managed to complete the course without having to drink the lake’s murky brown water. What would be the very best reason? I was ALONE. In short, there was a lot going on that I only had time to snap a photo or two when it was already dark, and STILL raining.

You can pay in cash or credit card. The people at the cashier wouldn't let us pay the cheaper half day or full day alternatives because according to them there were a lot of people and thus, the return of equipment was slow. We had to have our names listed in a waiting list and wait to be called. I decided to have lunch first at the restaurant after watching some wake-boarders ride the waves and make it look oh so easy as if they were just strolling around Luneta on a sunny afternoon. You can still use your credit card at the restaurant but there's a minimum required amount, as usual.

You see the pool from the restaurant and it appears to be so wide you'd think the space concealed by the wall is still part of the swimming pool. Later, when you check it yourself you'll find out that what you see from the restaurant is actually the whole pool itself. Now, that is one narrow pool! Payment for the usage of the facility is already included in the wake-boarding fee.

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