Sunday, March 27, 2011

[CARAMOAN] Those Twin Beaches

Sabitang Laya and Bag-Ing are two beaches occupying different sides of the same island. I asked the tour guide why they have to be named separately but he didn't know the answer either. I forgot which is which but I think the one with the big rock formations is Sabitang Laya while the side where our boat docked was Bag-Ing.

We went to Sabitang Laya first where we saw a couple cavorting on the sand a la Angelica Panganiban and Derek Ramsey in I Love You, Goodbye. Dare to dream, couple! Minding our own business, we strolled along the shore and it wasn't long before it was raining hard again. "Angelica" and "Derek" disappeared, although some girls who probably were or were not their friends stayed at the mini beach surrounded by a giant rock or two.

Under those huge rocks are spaces big enough for you to shield yourself from the rain. Inside, you get to befriend snails clinging on the muddy walls of the rock. I imagined how thankful the Survivor participants who landed on this beach might have been. No need to build a shelter of their own, it was already provided for! But the tour guide said that Sabitang Laya was one of the game islands where immunity challenges were held. The castaways, according to him, were hosted on a different island. Well, poor them. Had the sun been brightly shining I would've been swimming towards that big rock near the shore but seeing those waves made me do a double take. So I just hid under another rock.

We went to Bag-Ing after half an hour. It was raining but enough tourists were present to fill in an entire cast had an improvised Survivor-pretend game been produced on the spot. They were swimming there under the rain. In fact, I wonder what was wrong with me. You swim, you get wet. It rains, you get wet. Same end game: You get wet. So, WTF, right? I don't know. I want my beach time all sunny. I love playing a game where you pretend to be a pork cutlet ready for frying and so you bread yourself with sand before jumping into the water. You get what you ask for when you suffer from terrible sunburns and you spend close to a week itching all over. Oops, I digress. Beach + Sun = Fun. Beach + Rain = Not Fun, at least for me.

What I find cool about Bag-Ing is that there are those black birds in search for fruits (or people?) and, thus, were flying low. Tourist guide and I went to a secluded spot to avoid getting wet, which was stupid because we were already wet. Those birds were there flying low, apparently not giving a damn that we were there. It was like a beach version of a Hitchcock movie. All that was lacking were the freaky sound effects. Death by birds, scary shit. After another half hour, we signaled the boat to fetch us. We were going back to the inn. That was fast.

The tourist guide said that Matukad Beach was THE beach. Unfortunately, because of the rain we couldn't go there unless we wanted to do our very own cheap rip-off version of Cast Away. So we decided to head back to the inn. The boat ride was not enjoyable at all because we were wet and were still getting wet because the heavens wouldn't stop crying. I found a large piece of cloth made of what seemed to be vinyl. I made a tent out of it and buried myself under a pile of life vests. I couldn't recall how many hours it took us to get from one place to another. All I know was that I peeked once in a while on our way to the twin beaches and saw a lot of flags on the water, traces of a Survivor challenge. Other than that, it was a long and uncomfortable ride because of the weather.

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