Sunday, March 27, 2011

[NAGA] Pili Tarts and Hematomas

Before I took a quick shower, I went to check out Lago del Ray, a giant pool or lake where you can try out the inflatable sets or play water volleyball. I think you can even rent a jet ski. I did not see a lot because it was already dark and it was already devoid of people. My camera only managed to capture the flags amidst the darkness. Anyway, there was a free mini shuttle bus at 7 PM headed to Naga Central Station. Just perfect for my itinerary!

I was already there by 7:30 PM. There are a lot of buses to choose from and your decision would depend on how soon you want to hit the road. I ate at Jollibee at SM first and then I bought pili tarts and some souvenirs at the station. I took an ordinary bus for 300 pesos. There are many air-con buses but my tolerance of cold enclosed atmospheres is very low. I can vividly remember how I almost froze to death when the whole family decided to board a 12-hour bus from Paka to Singapore half a decade ago. I do not want any sequels to that episode.

We left at around past eight and arrived at the EDSA Pasay terminal at around five in the morning. I was able to catch some sleep on the bus but still I just decided to take a cab back to my place. That is how my trip ended. However, the effects lasted for a week.

Aside from pili tarts, I also came home with hematomas all over, and wow, were they scary. They were green in color and resembled the skin of an unripe mango. They didn't really hurt unless pressed. My shoulder blades and glutes were the ones that did the hurting. It felt like I just experienced hazing from a paddle-happy fraternity. This prevented me from coming back the week after that.

Over all I like CamSur. The setup of the city is old school Spanish with a lot of plazas and centuries-old churches that connect us to the past. A good aspect I like about it though is the fusion of the old and the new. Walk a few blocks from the cathedral and you will find yourself in a mall or in a McDonald’s. Ride a tricycle and you can roam around SM. There are also a lot of destinations to choose from for nature lovers. And of course, CWC! Wakeboarding is love! I'd gladly relocate to Naga for the fun but my heart remains in Cebu if language is the primary reason, even though Bicol sounds just as cute.

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