Sunday, March 27, 2011

[NAGA] To Stalk or Not to Stalk Cris Villonco

Once the capital of Camarines Sur, Naga (Nueva Caceres during the Spanish Occupation) is one of the oldest cities in the Philippines (I think third after Cebu and Manila) founded by the Spaniards. The name Naga supposedly came from the Bicol term for the Narra tree, which was said to be abundant in the area during that time. The airport is found in the provincial capital of Pili, a municipality which also plays host to one of the province’s most notable tourist destinations: the CWC (Camarines Sur Watersports Complex) a.k.a. the country’s wake-boarding Mecca.

Once again I flirted with check-in deadlines and almost got left behind this time. My travel philosophy is simple: If the plane leaves without you it means you are not meant to be wherever it is you are going to, or maybe this is just my lame attempt to mystify something as simple as I woke up late and then...

The plane ride was fast. It was already my third time to board a plane that flies with propellers but it was only then when I really got to focus on them since my seat was right next to one of those giant fans. The thought that it would suddenly unhinge itself, fly sideways, and cut me in half would not leave my head. Morbid visions, product of a sleepless mind. The only other highlight of the flight was Cris Villonco one seat forward to my left. Okay, so I am a fan of musical theater!

Isarog is Naga's answer to Legazpi's Mayon in terms of mountains tasked as welcoming committees upon landing at the airport. Neither as majestic as Iraya nor as gorgeous as her sister in Albay, Isarog was busy watching a shoot of Survivor at Caramoan when Mother Nature handed out gifts in the looks department. However, this mountain is not to be outdone. Boasting her own national Eco park, she even has two waterfalls within the vicinity (Malabsay and Nabontolan), a true delight for rabid fans of Mother Earth.

Arriving at 1:15 in Naga, I just decided not to stalk Cris Villonco. Instead, the taxi drivers stalked me. This is always the case at airports, no? Even the security guard was telling me how he could have the fare lowered from 300 to 150 pesos. No. I walked out of the airport. Any airport would most likely have a road leading out to the main highway and in that main highway there would be public transportation available like that ordinary bus whose route ended right next to SM City Naga. Fare: 12 pesos.

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Anonymous said...

Iriga is also a city in the province of Camarines Sur.

ihcahieh said...

Confirmed. Already corrected the article. Thanks for this information.

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