Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Legend of the Blue Sea: Episode 3

푸른 바다의 전설: 제3
FLASHBACK: Young mermaid Se-hwa met Dam-ryeong when they were kids. Given how mermaids can’t produce legs until they are older, they had to part. When he drowns himself in grief, she rescues him and plants a kiss on his lips. A mermaid’s kiss erases memories. Back in modern day, Shim Cheong’s kiss does the same for Joon-jae, although she leaves him her bracelet as a remembrance. Back in Seoul, he struggles to remember how he got the piece of jewelry, but his memory is wiped clean of everything about her. She decides to swim all the way there to follow him. Once on land, she relies on a hobo lifestyle to survive and heads to the one place she remembers him mentioning: 63 Building. Lost inside, she finds the aquarium and jumps in. His admirer, KAIST researcher Cha Shi-ah (신혜선) brings him seaweed soup for his birthday which his lost mom, who now works as her maid, cooked herself. Haunted by past memories, he goes to 63 Building’s aquarium where she used to take him. There, he crosses paths with Shim Cheong once again.

The underwater scenes are getting tacky. Considering the media circus surrounding their production costs, they could have at least polished the CGI rendering even more. I liked Mermaid’s departure, though, with the underwater sunglasses and all. WTF was that about? But it was so hilarious, like Cheon Song-yi suddenly came back for a minute there! Hahaha. This must be the mermaid version of Finding Nemo, her asking around underwater on how to get to Seoul. And it takes her just three months to swim all the way there! Girl should be welcome to join the South Korean Olympic swim team anytime. More gold medals! The rest of the episode is contrived AF, though. You must be a firm believer of all this destiny BS to buy the turn of events on this show. What bothers me is that there is no clear bigger picture. We’re on episode 3 now. What is the main dilemma? Why can’t they just be together? She has legs. There’s no angry merman pursuing her. Ah yeah, it’s going to be like 50 First Dates ad nauseam every time they kiss.

Words of the day
팔찌 Bracelet
최면 Hypnosis

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