Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Legend of the Blue Sea: Episode 2

푸른 바다의 전설: 제2
Joon-jae brings Shim Cheong back to his place because she doesn’t seem to know anyone and he is worried about her. What he doesn’t know is that the same smartphone he’s been using all along has been tracked by the Myeongdong Capital CEO that he scammed, and she has sent a rather large delegation of gangster loan sharks all the way to Spain to pursue him at all costs. And so the mermaid gets entangled with the con artist’s bleak immediate future. She proves to be an asset, though, serving as a fighting machine defending him from his assailants. Her superhuman strength is really effective in warding off the goons, but the chase continues along the Mediterranean Coast. On the way, they manage to squeeze in a scam involving religious worshipers before they end up at the Tower of Hercules, on the other side of the Iberian peninsula facing the Atlantic where he was abandoned by his mother as a child. There, the duo is cornered, until she takes his hand and forces him to jump with her into the deep blue sea.

Surprise! The mermaid speaks. Or at least she is capable of absorbing information quickly, extracting all the phrases she needs via a marathon of TV shows on his laptop. We see what you did there, SBS. Memories of Bali! The flashback shows that mermaids can speak after all, though they tend to do so telepathically among themselves, which makes sense because they’re underwater most of the time. The setup resembles that of You Who Came from the Stars. The flashback establishes the story and justifies their “destiny”. It also serves as a colorful diversion thanks to the costumes. At the end of episode one, Mermaid also had a monologue similar to Alien’s diary at the end of each episode. It’s too bad they didn’t carry on with the tradition. The drone shots are breathtaking. I was in awe the whole time. I guess this is how I was able to tolerate the lack of plot development. It was just a big chase scene across the beaches of Spain and damn, when you have a landscape like that you really just have to take advantage of it.

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세상 끝 End of the World
전설 Legend

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